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Are you Filtering God Out? (Hearing God’s Voice 2)

May 15, 2020

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Bible Gem 593 - The Introduction to Ephesians

March 27, 2018


Use E-Sword and choose ISBE in the Dictionary window.  Type "Ephesians" in the search slot and choose "Ephesians, Epistle to the" and you will get 9 computer screens of info about the Epistle. But you will have to download the ISBE from the website first before you can use it. You will need to download all components first before using them. Versions, Dictionaries and Commentaries as well as extras you want.  


Here is a summary (titles only) of what is available from E-Sword re the epistle to the Ephesians.   


I. Authenticity


1. External Evidence


2. Internal Evidence


II. Place and Date of Writing


III. Destination


1. Title


2. The Inscription


3. The Evidence of the Letter Itself


4. Conclusion


IV. Relation to Other New Testament Writings


1. Peter


2. Johannine Writings


3. Colossians


V. The Purpose


VI. Argument


VII. Teaching



Here are some highlights: (But it would still do you good to read all that is available to you through E-Sword)



Under authenticity there is much written about the debate as to whether this is a genuine Pauline epistle or not. I will assume it is and not go into more detail. 


Place and Date of Writing - The place of his writing Ephesians was undoubtedly Rome, and they were likely written during the latter part of the two years' captivity which we find recorded in Act 28:30. The date if we follow the later chronology is 63 or 64 ad; following the earlier chronology, which is preferred, is about 58 ad.


The Purpose - To understand its central theme we must remember that Paul is writing in the calm of his imprisonment. He is now able to look out on the church and get a view of it in its wholeness, to see the part it is to play in God's scheme for the restoration of the human race, to see God's purpose in it and for it and its relation to Him. With this stand-point he can write to the churches about Ephesus not to correct false views on some particular point, but to emphasize the great central truth. God's eternal purpose is to gather into one the whole created universe, to restore harmony among His creatures and between them and Himself. The apostle's whole prayer is for this end, his whole effort and desire is toward this goal: that they may have full, clear knowledge of this purpose of God which He is working out through Christ Jesus, who is the head of the church, the very fullness of Him who is being fulfilled all over the world. Everything, for Paul, centers in the purpose of God. The discord between the elements in the church, the distinction between Jew and Gentile , all these must yield to that greater purpose. It is a noble purpose to set before men this great mystery of the church as God's means by which, in Christ, He may restore all men to union with Himself.




Other New Testament Sources for "Ephesians" - There is wealth of info we can glean about the Ephesian Church from the New Testament apart from Acts. 1 and 2 Timothy were written to Tim while he was in Ephesus and were about the Ephesian church. There is a segment of Revelation addressed to the Ephesian church (Rev 2:1-7). The three letters of John and the Gospel of John were written in Ephesus. The ruins of the Church of St John and John's grave are in Ephesus. You can go there today and view them as a tourist. The Ephesian church was very strong historically. The Council of Ephesus was held in that city in AD 431. 



Tomorrow we will take a look at the city of Ephesus. Go to E-Sword and to the ISBE (International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia) and type Ephesus in the search slot and you will gain insight on the city itself.



It is easier to get older than it is to get wiser.


Never judge a book by its movie. Especially the Bible.





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