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Last week I opened up the topic of hearing God’s Voice and I gave you the list of ways in which God had spoken to our Jakarta based Cell Group over th...

Are you Filtering God Out? (Hearing God’s Voice 2)

May 15, 2020

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Bible Gem 704 - The Breastplate of Righteousness (Eph 6:14)

April 4, 2018

Stand your ground, putting on  . . .  the breastplate of God's righteousness. (Eph 6:14)


What is it and why does Paul link it with righteousness?


The word  “breastplate” [θώρἀξ  thōrax] denoted coat of mail or armour that covered the body from the neck to the pelvis. It consisted of two parts, one covering the front and the other the back. It was made of rings, or in the form of scales, or of plates, so fastened together that they, would be flexible, and yet guard the body from a sword, spear, or arrow. Goliath’s coat of mail weighed five thousand shekels of brass, or nearly one hundred and sixty pounds. It was often formed of plates of brass, laid one upon another, like the scales of a fish. The breast-plate protected the thorax, which included other vital parts of the body - namely the heart and the lungs. The breastplate was designed to lap over the belt which protect the loins and lower level vital spots. These were covered by two layers of protection.


The next question is why Paul links the breastplate with righteousness? Why does he call it the breastplate of righteousness? What does righteousness mean? What does Paul mean by it?


The next steps are for you to work out. Time for investigative digging on your part.  


When faced with words and their meaning always use the Bible to interpret the Bible. In this case it is important to determine how Paul uses the word "righteousness". Just like life now, words have shades of difference in meaning depending on who is using the word. This is the problem with many cults and false teaching. They use words which have a standard meaning but they reinvest the words with new meaning. Always get someone to define clearly what they mean by the words they use when that person is giving you new teaching. What do YOU mean by "that"? 


So the first step is to find out what Paul means by righteousness. 

Following that, how is righteousness used in the rest of the Bible? 

Is Paul using it in a different way to the rest of the Bible? 

Then finally why does Paul link "righteousness" with the breastplate?  


That's quite a bit of work for you to do. You can do it at your own pace but I will continue tomorrow with some input to these questions. If you wish to work it out yourself, simple, don't look at my input tomorrow until you are ready.  To make it clear to you, I write these Gemz on two levels. Firstly to give you input on the depth of the Word of God. God's Word is very deep and requires careful examination and attention to detail. Like the Bereans gave it which resulted in new insight. [Berean Insights]. Secondly to provide you with some "how to's" so you can apply them for yourself on other passages and be surprised and what it uncovers for you. There is a world of difference between being told something and applying it and making it your own. The rest is over to you. I can lead you to the right steps but I can't do it for you. It works best when you do it for yourself. 


We will unpack this tomorrow. I promise you this is a very significant truth that Paul has expressed here. When you understand this principle it will be a major weapon in your fight against the enemy of your soul. 



God never gives authority without responsibility. A R Bernard


God never gives insight without the responsibility to pass it on. Ian


Imagine having a cure for cancer, but refusing to share it, or saying, 'I'm too busy.'

The more you prepare yourself, the more opportunities God will give you.










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