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Are you Filtering God Out? (Hearing God’s Voice 2)

May 15, 2020

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Bible Gem 719 - With every kind of prayer (Eph 6:18)

April 5, 2018

Pray in the Spirit at all times with every kind of prayer and request there is. For the same reason be alert with every kind of effort and request for all the saints. (Eph 6:18)


"With every kind of prayer" 


The Greek version of this verse begins with:


διὰ         πάσης προσευχῆς καὶ  δεήσεως,     προσευχόμενοι

through  every   prayer        and supplication praying  


ἐν      παντὶ    καιρῷ                        ἐν    Πνεύματι

in/at every time/opportunity in   Spirit


The initial force of the verse is on the various kinds of prayer. There is a difference between προσευχη (prayer) and δεησις  (supplication). Some think the former means prayer for the attainment of good; the latter, prayer for averting evil. Supplication however seems to mean prayer continued in, strong and incessant pleadings, till the evil is averted, or the good communicated. There are two aspects that are part of prayer. Communication between man and God and intercessory supplication that is offered for oneself or on behalf of another. 



Proseuchē [προσευχή] a prayer addressed to God; a prayer (worship) which primaily is an oratory offering to God.

The secondary meaning is a place set apart or suited for the offering of prayer, a synagogue or a place in the open air where the Jews prayed when they had no synagogue. 




Deēsis [Δέησις] a prayer, request, supplication – which indicates a need, a want, some lack which requires a request to be made,  2) a seeking, asking, entreating, entreaty to God or to man

There are many lists which have been created by people over the years to attempt to distinguish between these types of prayer.  They should be ever ready for public, private, mental, or ejaculatory prayer, prayer in the personal closet, the family, the social meeting, the great assembly; prayer at the usual hours, prayer when we are specially tempted, and when we feel just like praying, prayer in the form of supplication for ourselves, and in the form of intercession for others, prayer performed in public (oratory), in business, on the way, in the heart without a voice, and with the voice from the heart. It takes all sorts of prayer, mental and vocal, public and private; and every branch of it, as deprecation of evils, warfare prayer, binding and loosing prayers, petitions for good things, and thanksgiving for mercies: and which should be used always.


Take some time to stop and list the various ways you pray. Are there some notable omissions? Are you happy with the amount of time you pray? Are there some aspects of prayer you need to pay more attention to or practice more often?



Study your prayers, a great part of my time is spent getting in tune for prayer. Robert McCheyne 


Humility is assessed by your prayer life. Pride is thinking you can live without constant prayer & going hours without it. Rick Warren


All those are necessary to the genuine Christian; and he whose heart is right with God will be frequent in the whole. John Wesley


Prayer is not only asking, but an attitude of mind which produces the atmosphere in which asking is perfectly natural. Oswald Chambers



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