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Are you Filtering God Out? (Hearing God’s Voice 2)

May 15, 2020

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Destined for the Life of the Age to Come

June 1, 2018

Does the fact that the Bible records for us that Methuselah lived until he was 969 years old trouble you? This is the oldest living recorded human age span. Then of course we read that Adam lived until he was 900 years old, Seth 912, Enosh 905, Kenan 910, Mahalelel 895, Jared 962 and Lamech 777. Poor Mahalelel and Lamech having such a short life span. It must make you wonder. There are many who have questioned me over the years about these Bible facts. It just seems too unbelievable. 


But hang on a moment, if you doubt the Bible, then you also have to doubt the Sumerian King List. The Sumerian King list includes a list of various kings who lived around that time, but it talks about a pre-flood period and a post-flood period. it divides history into time before the flood and time after the flood. That is what our Bible does.  But then more interestingly, we have an account in the Sumerian King list, a list of people who lived extraordinary life spans like that of the Biblical account, bearing out what the Bible says. 


The surviving clay tablet was dated by the scribe who wrote it in the reign of King Utukhegal of Erech (Uruk), which places it around 2125 B.C."After kingship had descended from heaven, Eridu became the seat of kingship. In Eridu Aululim reigned 28,800 years as king. Alalgar reigned 36,000 years” According to the Sumerian King List after the Flood had swept the earth the duration of life on earth was considerably shorter. Flood is spelt with a capital F in the Sumerian King List. It must have been a big one.  In Eanna, Meskiaggasher reigned as En (Priest) and Lugal (King) for 324 years,  Enmerkar, the son of Meskiaggasher, the king of Erech who had built Erech, reigned 420 years as king. Dumuzi the fisherman, whose city was Kua, reigned 100 years. Gilgamesh, whose father was a nomad reigned 126 years. Urnungal, the son of Gilgamesh, reigned 30 years, Labasher reigned 9 years, Ennundaranna reigned 8 years, Meshede reigned 36 years, Melamanna reigned 6 years and Lugalkidul reigned 36 years. 


In short there is evidence from outside the Bible that before the flood people lived extraordinary long-life spans. But the after the flood life spans are shortened considerably. Although we might question the numbers, especially in the case of the Sumerian King List (SKL) it is none-the-less clear that prior to the flood the age of mankind was significantly longer than after the flood. What is of interest to me is that following the flood God set the limit to the age of mankind on the earth to 120 years. 


Then the LORD said, “My Spirit will not put up with humans for such a long time, for they are only mortal flesh. In the future, their normal lifespan will be no more than 120 years. (Genesis 6:3) 


What fascinates me is that there is no one who lives over 120 years of age. There certainly seems to be a limit placed on human life spans.  Yet scientists struggle to determine why life just suddenly stops before 120 years of age. Why don't we carry on living beyond 120? Simply because God has placed a limit to this phase of life on earth. 


The quality of this life falls far short of what He intended our life to be.  There is a life to come which is of infinitely better quality. The Jews refer to it as the Life of the Age to Come. Christians call it eternal life. I am not sure I would want this life on earth to continue eternally. I have just been diagnosed with prostate cancer. I am very aware of my mortality and have been for a while since two heart attacks and one light transitory stroke. But that doesn't scare me in the least because I know I am destined for the Life of the Age to Come.What is so special about it? Is the focus of eternal life that it’s everlasting? Eternal Life? No, it’s the quality of life that is in focus with the Life of the Age to Come. The life of the age to come will be the quality of life that God first intended when He created mankind on the earth. Think Garden of Eden quality. Now that is the kind of life I want and will have. That life is the life worth waiting for. I am not worried about cancer at all. I know the kind of life that is in store for me ahead. 


My question to you is are you preparing for the Life of the Age to Come? Do you even know the way to receive it? I think it is pretty important question to have sorted out. My assurance of my future life is what holds me firm and unshaken under the threat of cancer. What about you? 


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