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Are you Filtering God Out? (Hearing God’s Voice 2)

May 15, 2020

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September 30, 2018


I have been awake for hours already and praying for Palu and Central Sulawesi. But more specifically my heart has been focused on one family. 

Budy and Loudi Karmoy and their two children Kezia (6 ?) and Kenzo (born 1stJuly this year).  They work in Tado among the Lindu people in Central Sulawesi.



 Loudi and Kenzo


Loudi worked with me in Kartidaya in my department then married Budy and became involved with the Lindu people. After a long time trying they have recently signed up to buy a house in Palu to use as their base in the city when they come out of the village. They have managed to gather the deposit for the house and now are the proud owners of a mortgage to buy the house below. They have not been able to move yet and were waiting for Budy to get back to Palu before moving in.As far as we know Budy has been out in Tado village while Loudi has been back in Palu with the children. So we guess that at the time the earthquakes and tsunami struck Budy and Loudi were separated. 




Seventeen earthquakes hit Palu between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. Friday ranging in magnitude from 4.5 to 7.5.  The epicenters of these quakes were along a line ranging from about 100 km. south of Palu to about 70 km north of Palu. Palu Bay was wide open to the direction of the subsequent tsunami after the earthquake. Reports list the tsunami as being between two and three metres high which hit Donggala on the coast and then headed straight into Palu Bay. Palu is a city we visited many times for meetings, retreats and seminars and in which there are many people we know. 

We have heard no word on any Kartidaya members and expats we know in the area. We have had no news of the Karmoy’s situation. For us are the face of those affected by the disaster in Palu. Information is limited with communication lines cut, but reports this morning list at least 832 people dead, mainly in the city of Palu, a city of about 350,000 located on the coast. 


Pray for Palu

Pray for communication systems to be restored soon, so better information on the damage and needs can be determined by the authorities. 

Pray for government leaders and first responders as they address this disaster. Pray for God's peace and presence among the people as they recover from this horrific event.  

Pray for believers in the area to have God's peace and direction as they help neighbours from other faiths in this time of stress. 

Pray for the basic human needs to be met by government aid, relief work and relief organisations. 

Pray for clean drinking water, shelter, food and protection for a devastated city and hinterland.


Pray for Karmoys

Pray for Budy to be reunited with Loudi and the children.

Pray he will be able to get back to them in the city. Pray Budy can find Loudi and the children when he gets there.

Pray Loudi and the children will get the help they need – water, food and shelter.

Pray their new house is still intact. Otherwise they will own a house they can’t occupy and still owe the mortgage to the bank. (Insurance?)

Pray Loudi and the children are safe in their rented house. 

Pray for help and treatment if they are injured. 

As you can imagine we are seeking information on their situation. I have contacted everyone I know who can shed light on their plight but have no further news at this stage. I will phone Kartidaya in Makassar to see if they have more information from others in the city.  


So instead of a Gemz this morning please pray with us for this family and many others like them. 



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