Bible Gem 205 - The Problem of Romans 9-11 (Rom 9-11)

Let me take you back to Bible Gemz 132

“The genuineness of the Epistle to the Romans is not questioned by serious scholarship. Most attest to the fact that we have a letter that was indeed written by Paul to a group of Christians in Rome. But while that is true there are those who question the genuineness. Furthermore there are those who doubt whether we have the letter just as it left Paul’s hand. Some question whether the last two chapters are genuine or not. Paul seems to close his letter three times. Once at the end of Chapter 11, again at the end of Chapter 15 and then finally at end of Chapter 16. Are these extra bits? Additions from other letters or other people or did Paul mean them to be there? This then gives you some homework to work out what is going on.

The other matter that is worthy of comment is what about Romans 9-11? It seems misplaced and ill-fitted. Did Paul write this? It is hard to make sense of it, is it not? How does it all fit together or is this another portion of Romans that is out of order with the rest of the epistle? You will need to solve the problem or come to a conclusion of your own in order to understand the book. Just letting you know that in advance.”

There seems to be a disconnect in Romans 9-11 with what went before it. So much so that people have challenged whether it is really Paul. Some people I have met skip out Romans 9-11 when reading their Bibles. Firstly because they don’t understand it and secondly because they have heard some preacher in the past say that Romans 9-11 is in question, either in content or in its present position. I was once challenged by a person in my own church in New Zealand why I would bother to preach on Romans 9-11. He felt there was nothing to be gained from a sermon on Roman 9-11. It was just a parenthetical (bracketed) part of Romans and is of no use. At the end of the sermon he came up and said Wow, I never realised there was all that in there.

Hang on to your hat and your socks! We are going to step off into a blessing.

You know what your first task is, don’t you. You should know me well enough by now. That’s right, read Romans 9-11.

See you tomorrow.

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