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Are you Filtering God Out? (Hearing God’s Voice 2)

May 15, 2020

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Bible Gem 284 - Herodion (Rom 16:11)

April 1, 2019



Greet Herodion, my fellow Jew. (Rom 16:11)



Salute Herodion my kinsman as is translated in some versions. Was he a relative of Paul’s or just a fellow Jew?  According to the flesh, being of the same nation, a Jew; or of the same tribe, the tribe of Benjamin; or of the same family, and nearly allied in blood to him: though the name is of Attic, or Parthic original, but is clearly a derivative of Herod.  


This man is reckoned by some to be among the seventy disciples, and is said to be Bishop of Tarsus: The name seems to imply that he was a freedman of the Herods, or the grandson of Herod the Great. Paul calls him “my kinsman,” i.e. “a Jew”. It is interesting that Paul can name one of Herod’s family as a friend. Again Paul is very open, free and forgiving in his relationships. This ruling family who were none too kindly disposed toward the gospel but Paul is still open and available to them. 


It is also possible that Herodion is a member of the household of Aristobulus. Either meaning that he was one of house servants or slaves or a member of Aristobulus’ household.  It is also possible he was a member of the church or Christian gathering which met in Aristobulus’s home but for some reason was singled out by Paul. It is strange that Herodion is sandwiched between Aristobulus’s household and the household of Narcissus. If Herodion is a member of the first mentioned household there must have been a good reason for Paul singling him out but unfortunately we don’t know what is was.  


I would imagine all of us would be familiar with a home group or a house church from which we might fondly remember one person in particular or want to single them out for some reason. Clearly there was something about Herodion from Paul’s viewpoint that made him special. Perhaps it was the fact of what he had accomplished given the family background he had. But this is merely speculation on my part. Don’t take it as gospel truth. 



Whatever holds your awe holds your faith!  Judah Smith


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